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Questions For A Criminal Defense Attorney
When you are charged with a criminal offense, you're bound to have questions. While no website is a substitute for a consultation with an attorney, here are some of the general questions that many people have when seeking the services of an attorney or law firm. Give us a call if you have questions; we are happy to speak with you and give you meaningful answers.
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Here are a few of our frequently asked questions.

The law is not always clear, either to those who practice law, or everyday citizens.  Often, there are numerous assumptions, misguided beliefs or even just outright incorrect information that makes its way through the non-legal world, which makes it difficult to understand why a charge has been brought against you.  Every crime has “elements” that must be met if a conviction is to be obtained.  A consult with one of the attorneys at Gardner & Burks, P.C., is the best way to begin to understand your case and prepare to fight it.

Yes.  If you have been charged with an offense, we offer consults on criminal and traffic matters free of charge.

In a majority of cases, we are able to offer a “flat fee” to represent you on a criminal or traffic offense.  Once you have consulted with Gardner & Burks, P.C., an attorney will propose a flat fee to handle your matter.  This fee is the total amount the firm will charge to cover all the work on your case, whether by the attorneys or staff, or combination thereof.  Please note that any flat fee quote does not include expenses, or payments to persons or entities outside the firm, necessary to handle your case.

Outside of the courtroom, we pride ourselves on our team approach to representation.  We use every available resource and talent from each attorney and staff member to do the best job we can for each client.  Once it is clear that a matter will require a court appearance, you will attend court with the one, or sometimes more than one, attorney who is positioned to get the best result for any given hearing or issue. 

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The attorneys and staff members at Gardner & Burks, P.C., are focused on obtaining the best results for you.  Every member of our team works together toward one goal: to obtain the best results for our clients at one of the most stressful times of their lives.

Longstanding Local Presence

Since 1979, Partner Mark S. Gardner has served the citizens of the Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg and Stafford area.  With the addition of Partner Ghislaine Storr Burks and Associate Joshua M. Parrett, Gardner & Burks, P.C., is pleased to continue Mr. Gardner’s dedication to serving those in need.

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The attorneys at Gardner & Burks, P.C., are experienced trial lawyers.  Combining decades of experience over thousands of cases, our attorneys are prepared to pursue all necessary options to get our clients the best outcome possible.

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